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Certainly one of the most beautiful places to be seen in Zakynthos is the beautiful village of Keri and the Keri Lake, located five kilometers further away from the village. The picturesque village is located twenty kilometers from the town and the ride is fantastic.

The picturesque harbor of Keri Lake is the famous ancient port of Zakynthos famous as the "Port of Nafthis" because in ancient times an important commercial hub of the entire island. Also Keri Lake or Marsh has been known since antiquity for tar that exists there. In ancient times arriving from different parts of the known world and take tar to it and even use it for medicinal purposes. In the presence of tar yields myth of  earthquakes in the region.

In the same area, among the aquatic plants of the lake there is "the source of Herodotus" known since antiquity, where the water gushes through the land until now. From this harbor the boats start for enjoyable walks on beaches, Marathonisi, the famous caves of Keri, the Arches of Marathias but also for visiting the area are the careta-careta turtles.

Crossing the streets of the village we reach the lighthouse of Keri. Snow-white, on the edge of a cliff 300 meters height for over a century guide the boats passing by. From here there is a fantastic view to the two large rocks shaped pyramid protruding from the sea. Great and Little Mizithra.

Another wonderful part of the area are the famous caves of Keri, with emerald waters. There are magnificent arches of Marathia. These arches formed by the cliffs over the sea under which the boats pass by the hotel.

Magical landscape Keri since the area is full of olive groves, vineyards and lush forests of pines and oaks. This area has produced unique quality oil and wine. Opposite the beach of Keri there is the Marathonisi, a small uninhabited island with cliffs and caves, wooded with olives, carob, fig, sea lilies, but has a sand language untrodden, blonde, almost white and a sea with crystal waters . Among shrubs, the oleanders and immortals, pops up the well and the walls of the Catholic monastery of the Virgin Hodegetria of Marathonitiotissas which operates the Assumption. Marathonisi was granted by Byzantine Emperor Palaeologus family Sidirokastritis.

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